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Medellin Travel Tours

Hi Medellin has amazing tours that show you all the wonderful and exciting activities Medellin travel has to offer, from quick and local day trips to full-day expeditions.

Paraglide Into The Andes Tour

Prepare for takeoff with the experts here at Hi Medellin! If you enjoy thrilling adventures and soaring high in the sky, then you’re a perfect match for paragliding. Medellin offers exquisite views of the Andes mountains and you can fly with a bilingual guide, too.  

Graffiti Tour

One of the more hidden gems of Medellin, is the graffiti tour. The quaint cobblestone streets of the city’s most beautiful and vibrant neighborhoods paint the picture for the most immersive graffiti tour Medellin has to offer, all from the comfort and safety of a fully air conditioned car driven by a friendly and courteous bilingual guide.

Pablo Escobar Full Day Tour – The Rock of Guatapé – Abandon Mission Tour

Climb the Peñol Rock when you tour Guatapé! Medellin was once the home and base of operations for Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s most notorious criminals. You have probably heard the name and the legends that surround this infamous outlaw. Now you can see where it all took place. Let Hi Medellin show you the ultimate Pablo Escobar tour!

Pablo Escobar Tour – Hacienda Napoles

Experience the lifestyle of Colombia’s most infamous kingpin on a one of a kind tour, Pablo Escobar-style. Located three and a half hours from the city, Hacienda Napoles is a fantastic choice when booking Medellin day trips. Complete with an amusement park, water park, and a zoo with some of the original animals owned by Escobar, these tours in Medellin offer endless activities and fun for the whole family.

Medellin ATV Adventures

Looking for more thrilling Medellin tours? Cast your gaze upon the rural and elegant hillsides of Medellin with your own personal ATV! We utilize all the latest gear and equipment and provide you with a bilingual guide to make sure you have a memorable trip along the way. From adventure to leisure, the best Medellin things to do can be found at Hi Medellin.

Water Rafting Tour

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Well this is the perfect tour for you! Water rafting is a great extreme sport to get your heart racing, and also the perfect excuse to check out some seriously beautiful nature. Our professional and certified instructors will show you how to navigate the turbulent waters of the famous River Cauca, and as a bonus you will also get to explore the outskirts of Medellin…

Spa Tour

Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering session and care for both body and mind in this ultimate spa experience. Just kick back, relax, and let the professionals do all the work, as we will bring you in true HiMedellin style in one of our air-conditioned vans to one of the city's best spas. Here you will be treated like royalty and you will be given the choice of one of…

Paraglide Into Andes Tour

Sitting high above Medellin prepare for take off with Hi Medellin and our experts as you take in this amazing paragliding tour. If you are the type to enjoy thrill, and adventure, this paragliding tour with Hi Medellin’s bilingual guide is the perfect match for you. Our expert will pick you up from your accommodation and drive you 40 minutes north to the hills of Medellin, where you can take…

Slum Tour

With Hi Medellin you can live a truly unique experience visiting the slums of the city where, in some parts, modernity and innovation battles against the vestiges of a dark history of violence and poverty. Luckily, social action over the past 20 years means that these slums are hardly recognizable compared to how they were a few decades ago, and the influx of tourism has made them completely safe to…

Paintball Tour

Hi Medellin wants to take you and your friends/family to one of the best paintball courses in the world with our PAINTBALL TOUR! This exciting trip is a wonderful setting for a game of strategy and teamwork; or be all for one and one for all, take as many people out as you can.

Pablo Escobar Tour – Hacienda Napoles

Experience one of Pablo Escobar’s most precious properties in Colombia at the Hacienda Napoles. Located three and half hours from Medellin, Hacienda Napoles covers an area of 8 miles and has a range of different activities available to you. Back in Escobar’s heyday, the property was extravagant with exotic animals, helicopters, planes, a Spanish colonial mansion, and many other expensive toys. The Spanish mansion is still on the property today,…

Laser Whitening

Colombia, and more specifically Medellin, has recently become one of the best places in the world for dental tourism. Hi Medellin gives you the chance to get that teeth whitening you have been wanting, but cost an arm and a leg back home. At Hi Medellin, we provide a service only with the top dentistry offices in Medellin and will arrange to pick you up from you prefered location within…

Horse Riding Tour

If you've ever had that strange feeling that you were born in the wrong country, decade or culture, perhaps you were meant to be a cowboy or cowgirl in the Medellin Valley. Think about it, just you, your horse, and stunning views of the trees, mountains and rivers that surround you.

Helicopter Tour

Have you ever fancied seeing the city from a bird’s eye view? Hi Medellin has exactly what you are looking for in our Medellin helicopter tour. Our private driver will pick you up from your accommodation and head to the local airport of Olaya Herrera, where you will meet with your personal pilot for the trip and they will go over all safety instructions before flight.

Local Fruit and Local Market

Lose yourself (and then find yourself again) wandering amongst the bright colors of the exotic fruits and vegetables of Medellin's best markets. Our bilingual concierge, after picking you up in a luxury, air-conditioned van, will expertly guide you around the market and give you a taste of daily life in our wonderful city, and you can get to know up-close-and-personal some strange fruit and veg that you've possibly never even…