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Hi Medellin is here to ensure that your stay truly captures the essence and the beauty of the city with our selection of luxury vacation rentals. Medellin has gorgeous properties like condos and villas just waiting to be snatched up by lucky vacation goers. Whether you prefer views of the hustle and bustle of the El Poblado neighborhood or something more serene like the mountains of Copacabana, we’ve got something special for you!



There are so many beautiful and captivating places to visit in Medellin. We tailor our tours to fit your needs and have a variety of choices that will satisfy all kinds of travelers! When you find yourself asking “what to do in Medellin,” the possibilities are endless. Dive into the lore behind one of Colombia’s most notorious outlaws with a tour of Pablo Escobar’s estate or kick back with a relaxing day at the spa. The top things to do in Medellin await you!



Medellin is Colombia’s most trendy city, and our goal is to get you from A to B safely, comfortably, and in style. Forget about the stress of flagging down and haggling over taxis or getting lost in a new city. Medellin travel should be easy and convenient, which is why our luxury fleet is fully air-conditioned and equipped with a knowledgeable and courteous local driver. We offer vehicles of all sizes to accommodate any party!

Graffiti Tour

Walk through the quaint cobbled streets and discover Medellin’s hidden artistic gems accompanied by a professional local guide. Hi Medellin will show you some of the city’s most famous street…

Paraglide Into Andes Tour

Sitting high above Medellin prepare for take off with Hi Medellin and our experts as you take in this amazing paragliding tour. If you are the type to enjoy thrill,…

Medellin Spa Day

Treat yourself to the ultimate pampering session and care for both body and mind in this ultimate spa experience. Just kick back, relax, and let the professionals do all the…

Pablo Escobar Tour – Hacienda Napoles

Experience one of Pablo Escobar’s most precious properties in Colombia at the Hacienda Napoles. Located three and half hours from Medellin, Hacienda Napoles covers an area of 8 miles and…

Visit Colonial Santa Fe De Antioquia

Walking through urban, metropolitan Medellin, it is easy to forget that this was an old Spanish Colonial city. Hi Medellin wants to take you back in time. We want you…

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